An elegant accessory with exclusive designs

The clocks They are one of the best accessories to put together a youthful, professional, sporty and even casual outfit, which at the same time allows you to externalize that part that you like so much about your personality. A good choice in watches for women with daring styles and avant-garde aspects are the pieces of the brand Kate Spade, and then we show you the five most outstanding.

1. Clock with arabic indices

It is a watch that has an analog display with Arabic numerals and three hands that work with quartz movement precise. The design also includes a silicone strap that adjusts with a buckle closure.

It is a very feminine design that you can use to go to work or when you want to go out and have fun. Its strong body allows it to withstand a dive of up to 30 meters underwater for short periods.

2. Classic accessory with leather strap

It is a watch with a gold case, a white dial and three hands protected by a resistant screen made with mineral crystal. It has a black leather strap that is adjusted by means of a traditional buckle closure.

This analog quartz movement piece features a sober finish that lets you adapt to any look you wear to attend Work meetings or to go on a date.

3. Clock on pink and gold

It is a design that has a box of stainless steel, a white background, adjustable leather bands and mineral glass that is totally resistant to scratches and splashes. It can withstand dives up to 30 meters underwater.

It is a subtle and feminine design with pink finishes that make you feel elegant and fabulous wherever you go. So you can combine it without problem with your best formal, casual and even sports.

4. Housing plated in pink gold

It is a wristwatch made with a rose gold plated case. It has an analog display with two hands on a white dial and a strap of padded leather which is very soft on contact with the skin.

It is a design focused on classic watches which will help highlight your favorite outfits. If you want to feel feminine, you can always complement it with other accessories with more sober finishes.

5. Clock with printed strap

It is an analog watch with a round case made with stainless steel that protects its white dial and three hands with high precision quartz movement.

This accessory has a striking finish that gives it a modern touch that you can combine with the best clothes in your entire wardrobe. An exclusive piece that looks amazing with outfits formal and informal.

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