A quality product that is friendly to your clothes and your skin

The Detergent It is the cleaning product par excellence in any home, these are designed to leave our clothes free of germs and other polluting agents that hide among the fibers of the same and that can cause diseases. If you are looking for a way to completely disinfect your clothes, we present these five detergents with gentle formulas with your skin.

1. Turbo Detergent concentrated

An ideal detergent to remove stains and deeply clean any type of garment. Contains all the essential ingredients for remove any traces of dirt and leave the clothes with a rich aroma.

East liquid detergent it dissolves easily in cold or hot water and has a formula that breaks down even the most difficult stains to remove with other cleaning products.

2. Stain remover versatile

A unique formula that activates with water and releases all your Energy in powerful oxygen bubbles that easily penetrate any fabric and provide a fast and safe way to keep your clothes sterilized. It is free of perfumes and easy to remove with water.

Keep your clothing and bedding clean and free of any type of microorganism with this disinfectant formula that activates on contact with water. The patented formula is very easy to get out of the fabrics to avoid that the garments are left with remains.

3. Formula of laundry paraben free

A powerful deep cleaning product with just 6 ingredients essential. This detergent is completely free of unnecessary chemicals, dyes, phosphates, GMOs, preservatives, polishes or parabens.

It is a product that complies with all the regulations established by the EPA, making it a totally safe product for homes with pets and young children. A detergent that produces a lot of foam and cleans each of the garments instantly.

4. Detergent with action 4 in 1

A product that traps all bad smells so you can enjoy your clothes to the fullest. It is a powerful last generation detergent that fights against more difficult stains to remove, while whitening and lightening lighter colors.

This presentation includes 60 packages of 4 in 1 action They yield 60 loads of clothes. Take care of your clothes and your family’s skin with a reliable and durable product that is not aggressive with delicate fabrics.

5. Turbo detergent with fresh smell

One of the favorite detergents of housewives in the world thanks to its fresh scent and easy to use presentation. The patented formula is made to neutralize bad odors and provide additional protection to each of your fabrics.

It is very easy to apply, you just have to pour the water and put the detergent in your washing machine. This product leaves clothes very soft and impregnates each garment with a nice smell that the whole family will love.

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