Wear a beautiful and vibrant face without leaving home

The face cleansing It is a very important part of skin care and it gives us the possibility of looking much younger, fresh and full of vitality. It is well known that impurities and all kinds of contamination can accumulate on the face and can seriously affect its appearance. It is for this reason that today we share five products that will help you look healthy, clean and beautiful.

1. Mask with mud from the Dead Sea

It is a mask made mainly with 100% natural Dead Sea mud that guarantees the best product quality. Its formula has a concentration of mineral salts that help restore damaged skin.

With this mask you can take good care of your face and do a deep facial cleaning to eliminate contamination from the pores. It is ideal for treating oily skin and sensitive skin.

2. Cleaning brush portable

It is an ideal facial brush to brush the facial skin without causing pain or leaving marks on it during the exfoliation process. It is designed with soft bristles so that they deeply cover each pore.

It is very easy to use, you just have to rinse the brush with warm water and apply your usual facial cleanser, then gently massage the skin in circular movements to remove dirt and traces of makeup.

3. Cream scrub to relax the skin

It is very important to keep the skin clean, so an exfoliant is a fundamental part of any routine for the care of it. This product has a clinically proven formula to avoid The pimples and eliminate the bacteria that acne produces.

By incorporating this cream into your skin cleansing routines, you can deeply exfoliate the entire dermis leaving it soft and properly moisturizing each pore so that your face maintains a healthier glow.

4. Cleaning foam with oats

A cleansing cream made from oats that is ideal for treating both dry and sensitive skin. Its formula composed of natural ingredients such as chamomile are of great help for reduce stains and prevent acne formation.

This facial cleanser is gentle and very frothy so it works very efficiently as a facial cleanser and is also ideal for removing dirt, oil and traces of makeup left on the skin.

5. Oil for deep cleaning

It is a deep cleaning oil that has a fast-acting formula that is very rich in vitamins and antioxidants. It is very easy to apply because it comes in a comfortable container with a dispenser that will always give you the exact amount.

This treatment provides a deep cleansing that also has the function of removing makeup residues so that you can enjoy a totally clean face. Nourishes and hydrates the skin leaving a younger and renewed appearance.

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