Pamper your body and your senses without leaving your home

Take a brief rest It is essential to eliminate the exhaustion and stress that accumulates during the week. Also, it is a moment that helps us recharge our energies and increase our productivity in each of our responsibilities. For this reason, this time we bring you the best kit of aromatherapy spa with which you can spend a relaxing time inside your house.

1. Rose fragrances with relaxing effect

This is a basket that includes bath salts, body lotion, bath bombs and a fragrance with a scent of roses that will make you feel totally renewed. Each of the products have been made with natural ingredients that help nourish and moisturize the skin.

A set with everything you need to enjoy a bath relaxing and revitalizing. You will feel how your body is completely relaxed and charged with the best energies.

2. Team portable spa for all skin types

This spa set comes in a small case that gives you the possibility to carry it comfortably during your travels. Set includes 14 products made with a mix of exquisite aromas they are loaded with vitamin E and nutrients.

A very complete set perfect to enjoy an incredible relaxing aromatherapy session from the comfort of our home. Also comes a very nice presentation that is ideal for give away that special person.

3. Treatments with white roses and jasmine

It is a spa kit that includes a shower gel, body lotion, extra hydrating bath salts and an exclusive fragrance with a jasmine and rose scent. All products are made from moisturizing shea butter and rich in Vitamin E.

Each of its products contains an exquisite aroma that will permeate your skin and you can enjoy that moment of tranquility that you so deserve. It is perfect for you to disconnect from the outside world and pamper yourself for a while.

4. Complete spa equipment luxury

This is a bathroom set relaxing It includes 2 bath bombs, a shower gel, a bubble bath, bath salts, a body scrub cream, a body lotion, 4 packages of soap flowers and a flower bath pourer.

All these products come packed in a very elegant and striking way that will look good in your bathroom decoration. Enjoy exquisite aromas to relax at home and say goodbye to the stress.

5. Home spa with gel mask

Each of the products included in this kit have been made with a relaxing formula, moisturizing and nourishing which is really beneficial for the skin. Set includes a shower gel, bubble bath, body lotion, bath bombs, bath salt, and a reusable gel mask.

Its mixture of incredible scents will captivate your sense of smell and are perfect to create an atmosphere of harmony and peace. The gel mask is designed to treat puffy eyes and relieve severe headaches.

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