The essentials for a healthy white smile

Some white teeth they are synonyms of good dental health and they are also part of the best business card that we can show to any1. In order to enjoy a well-cared denture, it is vital to use the appropriate toothpaste, one that allows a good oral hygiene, eliminating any bacteria or bad odor. So you can show the world your winning smile, today we bring you five toothpastes with activated carbon that will leave your teeth gleaming.

1. Tooth whitening cream deep

A toothpaste that comes in an easy-to-use presentation and features a proprietary formula made primarily with activated carbon which guarantees you much brighter teeth. It is a vegan product approved by dentists and specialists.

With this paste you can polish and clean your teeth, leaving them very white and completely free of bacteria and food debris. The proprietary formula of this product also completely eliminates bacteria that cause halitosis and gingivitis.

2. Formula with carbon oil and organic coconut

A paste loaded with all the nutrients and natural ingredients necessary to achieve total oral whitening and detoxification. Its patented formula is made with activated carbon which is reinforced with the qualities of organic coconut oil.

It is an ideal cream to treat halitosis since it has antiseptic properties and a touch of peppermint oil that leaves a pleasant sensation throughout the mouth. A formula of natural ingredients that gives you everything you need for proper tooth cleaning.

3. Treatment with organic ingredients

An activated charcoal toothpaste that represents the right option to naturally whiten your teeth. It is made with organic ingredients totally free of parabens and ingredients of chemical origin.

If you want a bright smile with whiter teeth, this product is designed to remove stains caused by coffee, wine and other foods. Use it three times a day and enjoy for a cleaner mouth and a very fresh breath.

4. Double pack with activated carbon

One of the world’s favorite brands features a concentrated formula made from activated carbon that leaves teeth much more white and fortified. The paste contains micro-polishers that leave the teeth brighter with each pass.

If you want to enjoy a healthier mouth, this fluoride cream will help strengthen tooth enamel and is ideal for preventing bad odors due to halitosis. It has a refreshing flavor of refreshing mint that leaves a feeling of cleanliness that will be with you throughout the day.

5. Toothpaste natural

It is a toothpaste with activated carbon which whiten teeth quickly. The product is reinforced with the sterilizing properties of coconut oil and is completely free of artificial preservatives.

The cream has extracts of aloe vera that help heal and soothe most dental pain. Your teeth will look much whiter and brighter, while your breath will have a minty smell that will accompany you for several hours.

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