Everything you need to stay healthy

One of the most common conditions in both adults and children is fluThis can be caused by different factors such as changes in climate, pollution, dust or contact with infected people. The fundamental thing in these cases is to keep our immune system in good condition to avoid getting infected. However, there are also articles that can be of great help, so today we bring you some basic products to prevent the flu.

1. Soap liquid hand


It is a hand soap in liquid form and made with prebiotics that is responsible for helping to keep the skin in a healthy balance. Its patented formula helps keep the skin moist, while eliminating all the microorganisms that are hidden inside it.

It allows you clean your hands and keeps them hydrated for longer. Being completely free of parabens, this soap is a dermatologically approved product and has pH levels suitable for application to sensitive skin.

2. Tissues with antiviral properties


It is a package that includes 18 boxes with 60 tissues each. Each scarf has been dipped in a formula that kills 99.9% of the viruses responsible for the cold and flu. They are made of durable fabric and are soft to the skin.

They are available in a variety of colors, designs and sizes so you can choose the ones that best suit your needs. They’re a excellent choice to always carry with you and be more prepared to fight the flu and allergic reactions.

3. Capsules vitamin C


It is an extremely rich supplement in vitamin C, a nutrient soluble in water and well known for its role as a reinforcement for immune system. Its consumption is necessary for the metabolism of amino acids.

Vitamin C is a antioxidant highly effective that helps your body maintain healthy tissues. It is also very useful to neutralize free radicals.

4. Filter purifier of air


A device designed with True HEPA technology that is responsible for filter 99.97% from airborne dust, pollen, smoke, odors, mold spores and pet dander. A silent and safe system that is always convenient to have at home.

It has three stages of filtration, as well as some features such as its speed adjustment with three positions that provide different air purification options that adapt to different conditions.

5. Reinforcement for the immune system


It is a supplement that serves as a booster for the immune system. This product has been formulated with vitamin C, zinc and 17 ingredients natural that help strengthen the body’s defenses.

Its proprietary blend is responsible for fighting free radicals that can damage cells and affect the health of the immune system. It has been created by professionals of health to promote a better state of general health.

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