The practical tool to combat moisture

When it comes to the cleaning of our bathrooms we must be careful, since it is a space where it tends to accumulate a lot of humidity and this helps the proliferation of dirt, bacteria and mold. Therefore, it is necessary to have the best cleaning tools that make this job much easier and more efficient. A very useful utensil for cleaning bathrooms is mapos with sponges, and below we present some of them.

1. Sponge cleaning tool interchangeable

It is a tool that consists of an interchangeable synthetic sponge attached to a steel handle 12 inch which is ideal for reaching any corner. Its squeeze-action technology allows the sponge to drain without having to use your hands.

You can clean any type of surface and remove any trace of dirt with just one pass. It is a tool very practical and easy to use that will make cleaning the bathrooms as fast and efficient.

2. Mapo with extendable handle

A map that includes a honeycomb sponge that makes it more absorbent, soft and easy to dry. Features an extra long handle that can extend from 41 to 53 inch.

You will be able to reach even the highest surfaces and clean from the floors to the bathroom walls. Your sponge can remove and install easily so you can save a lot of time when cleaning.

3. Lightweight and folding

It is a map that has a nylon sponge designed with antimicrobial protection which makes it very efficient to eliminate bacteria, mold and fungi that cause bad odor. It has a steel coated juicer handle that can extend up to 48 inches in length.

Its sponge is very absorbent so you can remove deeply any type of dirt and make your bathroom a cleaner space and free of bacteria.

4. Map with sponge absorbent

A professional quality mapo that includes a pack of 4 sponges capable of absorbing 5 times more liquids than conventional sponges. It is equipped with a draining lever handle that prevents your hands from having to come into contact with dirt.

It will become a cleaning tool that will make you work efficiently and can clean every corner of your bathroom in short time. It has been built with quality materials that make it very durable.

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