The essentials so that your car recovers its original shine

An intensive cleaning of the vehicle is not only a matter of aesthetics, maintaining our car in good condition in a way to make it safer and more comfortable to travel. There are a variety of products on the market to perform maintenance on a car, however many are only designed to be applied in specific areas. Thinking about this, here are some cleaning set with which you can leave your car impeccable.

1. Cleaning set premium

It is a kit with eight products to clean, shine and protect vehicle paint. This set includes a glass cleaner and a wash pad for exteriors, as well as formulas to clean the interior of the car and tires.

All these products together will provide the deep cleaning that your car needs, in addition to leaving it with a pleasant aroma of pure linen that will last for several weeks. Your car will stay clean and fresh at all times.

2. Automotive cleaning products with bucket

A professional cleaning kit that includes a bucket, a quick-cleaning spray, a glass cleaner, a cream wax and another wide range of products that will allow you to carry out a professional quality cleaning. He also brings a mitten-type microfiber towel.

This kit of products and accessories is an ideal option for you to give your car a long-lasting cleaning in a very simple, practical way and with patented formulas that are not harmful to health.

3. Kit cleaning and washing intense

It is a complete kit that includes a protector with a patented formula for prevent discoloration, aging and cracks on the vehicle paint. It also has a foam protector for tires and a package with 25 units of wet wipes for cleaning windows.

With this set of products you can give the indoor and outdoor of your car a shiny finish that will make it look like it was just taken from the dealer. A team with everything you need to keep your car impeccable for several weeks.

4. Equipment for Complete maintenance

A kit with 10 Products to wash and restore tire shine, paint and even the original look of your car seat upholstery. Each product has a quick-drying formula that also creates a protective layer against UV rays.

It is a perfect option for you to keep dazzling your car in just matter of minutes and with the minimum of effort. It is a package with professional quality products that guarantees a bright and odor-free vehicle for up to 30 days.

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