Enjoy clean, virus-free shoes

One of the main recommendations during the quarantine by the COVID-19 is to be at home, however there are times of extreme emergency where we have to go out. Being away from home it is important to stay well protected and once we return home, follow the corresponding hygiene protocols to eliminate the viruses found in the streets. An important part of these protocols is to disinfect all our clothes including shoes, for this reason today we show you below the best products for disinfect your shoes.

1. Platform for disinfect shoes


It is a mat that is designed with two-inch safety walls and has the ability to hold up to 22 rooms a gallon of a sanitizing solution that keeps your shoes fully sterilized.

A product that kills germs and prevents the spread of all polluting agents that were in direct contact with your shoes. The mat is also equipped with rubber toes designed to scrape any kind of dirt from the tread on your shoes.

2. Sterilizer homemade with light


This is a antibacterial lamp Ultraviolet ozone that has the ability to sterilize any garment or surface and leave it clean for up to twenty-four hours. The device includes a plug timer that allows you to choose the level of radiation to proceed with cleaning.

It is a device that is really very easy to use and quite efficient in your work. This tool allows you to create a healthy environment for children, older adults and people who are considered high risk.

3. Mat reversible disinfectant


It’s about a disinfection system It consists of a mat with a rubber base and a reversible surface that makes it much safer. Both sides of this mat are super tough and have the ability to remove up to 99.99% of viruses and bacteria from your shoes.

Its comfortable size allows you to place it in any space such as the entrance to your home or office, or even located in places where infected patients are treated such as hospitals, clinics and health centers.

4. Sanitizing light ultra violet

A sterilizing flashlight equipped with the latest in proven germicidal technology. It is a tool of ultraviolet disinfection It is ideal for removing microorganisms that accumulate on phones, counters, clothes, desk, car and shoes.

A precise tool that allows you disinfect instantly most of your personal items without this process damaging or impairing their performance. Its portable design allows you to carry it with you and use it wherever you need it.

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