Formulas that will leave your contact lenses free of bacteria and dirt

The contact lenses They are fragile and delicate pieces that are placed in the eye or on the tear layer of the same, these act as a concealer that care for and lubricate the corneas. They are a sanitary product that helps improve the vision of many, so they require very particular cleaning and care. Today we have selected four products so that you clean your contact lenses and you can extend their useful life.

1. Solution disinfection multipurpose

Opti-Free Replenish It is a product that guarantees a deep cleaning of contact lenses. It is made with the best high quality ingredients. The kit includes two packages equipped with a patented formula with high disinfecting power.

A suitable product to care for contact lenses and leave them completely free of microorganisms. An effective way to prevent eye infections It creates a moisture shield on the lens that completely protects the eye.

2. Formula Advanced cleaning

It is fadvanced formula reinforced with proteins that disinfect contact lenses and ensure they are fully sterilized. This product is recommended by experts to provide a deep cleaning that eliminates any type of germs.

Properly cleaned contact lenses are the guarantee of a clear vision and a long service life. A little of this liquid in your lenses will allow you to better retain moisture and make them more comfortable to wear.

3. Moisturizing cleanser concentrated

It is a solution for cleaning contact lenses that contains HA, this is a moisturizing solution that the eye produces naturally to prevent dryness. A product that leaves the lenses soft and clean.

A solution that hydrates your contact lenses with the same lubricant found in your eyes. This product has been made to adapt to the natural pH of tears and provide a cleaning that leaves your contact lenses completely sterilized for up to 20 hours straight.

4. Solution pH balanced

One of the products most recommended When it comes to contact lens cleaning. Its patented formula features a potassium reinforced pH balanced to provide an effective cleaning that eliminates any type of microorganism that may be attached to the surface of the lens.

It is very easy to use and serves to rinse your contact lenses daily. A solution designed to give you better vision and provide your lenses with a protective layer that protects your eyes from the harmful effects of contamination and UV rays.

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