Nothing like driving a car with impeccable tires

Cleaning the tires It is a relevant aspect that contributes to extending the useful life of cars. The appearance and care we show with our belongings is a reflection of our personality when it comes to caring for and preserving the things that are important to us. If you are looking for a cleaning product To have your tires in good condition, next we bring a selection of the best ones.

1. Cleaner superior quality

It is a product with a formula designed to clean and shine tires. The blend is made with powerful and effective polymers that act instantly and spread shine through long time.

This formula works in a way instant and awesome since it is capable of removing marks and other stains just by spraying the product and spreading it gently on the tire.

2. Foam high quality

It is a durable and high quality You are available in a 1.89 liter presentation, which contains a powerful liquid with a foam action that removes grease, dirt and dust.

It is easy to use, versatile and very practical, since it is not necessary to rub on the tire for the formula to work, it is simply poured on the surface and it effectively removes any dirt.

3. Cleaner concentrated wheels

Trinova 18 Ounce Cleaner is a high quality product with a concentrated formula effective, safe and totally acid free. This guarantees extensive protection and removal of dirt.

It will allow the wheels of your vehicle to recover their shine, thanks to the fact that the formula penetrates directly and removes the adhered particles to the surface of the tire.

4. Tire spray 16 ounces

A 16 ounce spray with a formula of professional quality that cleans and maximizes the shine of the tires. Contains a foamy formula mixed with concentrated solvents and surfactants that act quickly on the surface.

It is a superior quality product capable of removing silicones, fats, wax, polymers, stains and other variety of dirt They tend to stick to the seats of your vehicle.

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