Nothing like a relaxing bath after a long day

The showers of whirlpool They are a very practical way to have all the advantages of a SPA treatment in our home. Water massages are a very effective way to relieve the tension built up in the muscles and prepare the body for a moment of relaxation prior to rest. One of the most practical ways to enjoy this type of therapy is with a shower head, and here we present some designed for such a function.

1. Shower head with technology Air turbo

A multi-colored chrome coated shower kit, functional design and an efficient turbine that allows easy control of water pressure. It is equipped with a pressure system that uses oxygen to inject high-pressure water through its 40 elastic nozzles.

A modern shower combo that is easy to install and practical to use. It is a durable product that will give your bathroom a elegant style, personal and incomparable.

2. Combo stand and flexible hose

A nozzle with a lever derailleur with multiple options, it also has a pause function to apply a water control more precise. Includes a hose, sturdy bracket and shower head.

This shower kit is an ideal and innovative option to enjoy a system practical and flexible with which you will have total control of the pressure, intensity and the area you want to apply the massage to.

3. Set of premium heads

It is a shower head kit that includes an ergonomic handle and a modern design that adapts easily to the decoration of your bathroom. They are adjustable angle tools and are made of the strongest stainless steel.

This product will provide you with a water flow direct and dual function will create a much more pleasant experience. This kit integrates an ultra safe and durable bathroom set that is very easy to install in your shower.

4. Artichoke hand shower

A game with a style innovative and modern It includes a detachable hose that makes it much more functional. It also incorporates a pause function to cut off the flow of water when necessary, while the head has a resistant padding that allows easy handling.

This shower system dual function and modern design allow it to easily adapt to the decoration of your bathroom. Bring the experience of a personalized hydromassage session to your home shower.

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