Get rid of those extra pounds while you’re at home

The girdles They are intimate apparel designed to cover a series of personal needs such as compressing the abdomen, shaping or speeding up postpartum recovery. Many help emphasize your natural curves and over time you can reduce inches in areas where you exert more pressure and contraction. Today we bring five options that are perfect to shape your body while doing the homework.

1. Shaping girdle Withouth stitches

A molded girdle made of nylon and elastane, two fabrics soft and breathable that allow a better fit to the shape of your body. The garment includes removable straps and open bust to give you a more sensual look.

This high waist design has a firmness control on the abdomen, hips and thigh areas that helps emphasize your natural curves. Its seam-free design allows you to comfortably wear it under your clothes without anyone knowing you are wearing it.

2. Waist compressor with latex

It is a trainer corset that adjusts to the waist and has a shape that flattens the abdomen. It is designed with a central zone latex and a three-row front closure that ensures a fit more adapted to the shape of your body.

Its flexible and durable fabric increases understanding and makes you lose up to three sizes while training or doing household chores. Likewise, it has nine spiral shaped bones that help you maintain a better posture in the spine.

3. Compression girdle with mesh

It is a compression garment with mesh fabrics that is extremely breathable and makes you feel much cooler throughout the day. Its design includes a front zipper, open bust and adjustable straps In the shoulders.

It works to provide additional support to your back, it allows to accelerate the postpartum recovery and it helps you reduce up to five inches every time you use it. Plus, the bottom has a thong look with lace detailing that will make your glutes look amazing.

4. Shaping garment with triple weave

It is a sports girdle equipped with a triple molding layer made with a cotton blend, spandex and latex fabrics that provide high compression. Its design allows it to adjust to the shape of your body and the hooks in the central part provide compression that completely flattens the belly.

It also has a breathable mesh which prevents body sweating excessive while doing your household chores. Its spiral-shaped grid allows you to keep everything in place without causing discomfort.

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