Nothing like a scented candle to relax at home

The scented candles They are made with essential oils that act as natural air fresheners that allow us to fill our home with pleasant fragrances. Among the most popular essences are certain aromas such as wood, citrus and flowers, which are capable of creating a more serene environment that reminds us of the warmth of the home. Below you will find 10 options that will bring a lot of freshness to all the spaces in your house.

1. Classic fragrance of vanilla

This air freshener candle comes in a crystal designed to allow the scent to circulate quickly in all directions and last for a long time after the candle is extinguished. Its essence is a mixture of flower petals with the seductive aroma of vanilla.

2. Soy candle scented

This soy wax candle comes in a glass container that allows a burning time of up to 50 hours. It has an oriental floral fragrance with notes of jasmine, citrus and wood that are perfect for relaxing the mind and body.

3. Concentrated essence of candy

It is a candle packaged in a frosted glass container that emits a light that shines slightly while dispersing its essence for up to 43 hours straight. Its fragrance is a mixture of caramel accompanied by walnut and vanilla, ingredients that provide a cozy atmosphere inside your home.

4. Mix of floral extracts of lilac

A candle made with natural extracts of mineral wax and oil that allow a burning time of up to 6 hours. It has high notes of peach and berries; a body of jasmine, gardenia and lilacs that help repel bad smells and relax the body after a long day.

5. Aroma of Red apples

A neutralizing candle that provides an unmistakable aroma of apple and fruit petals and spreads it throughout all the spaces in your home. It has smart cutouts that ensure the fragrance is easily dispersed and can last up to 30 hours lit.

6. Mix of oriental essences

It is an aromatic candle in a glass jar filled with soy wood which gives it a constant combustion for up to 75 hours. You can turn it on anywhere in the house to calm anxiety, relieve the stress of the day and create a more welcoming environment.

7. Bergamot fragrance and jasmine

This candle comes in a colored glass container Matt black It is filled with soy wax and essential oils that give a burning time of 45 hours. Its main ingredients include bergamot and jasmine, fragrances that eliminate unpleasant odors and help create a calmer environment.

8. Set of candles for aromatherapy

It is a set with six aromatherapy candles made with soy wax and cotton wicks that offer constant combustion for up to 15 hours in closed environments. They are available in packaging of reusable glass they are decorated with geometric patterns.

9. Modern design with floral fragrance

It is an aromatic candle made with soy wax that fills your home with a pleasant aroma of musk, sandalwood and flowers. A home accessory designed to last up to 60 hours on and provide a cozy and stress-free environment in your home.

10. Scented candle of citronella

It is a soy wax candle that has three cotton wicks that guarantee combustion clean and safe for up to 80 hours. It is made with natural citronella oil essences that allow you to spread your fragrance efficiently both in closed rooms and in open spaces.

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