Taking screenshots has become one of the features that are definitely present on every mobile device, including on Samsung Galaxy A9 (2018) which has four main cameras.

Screenshot or in other terms can be called a screen capture or screen dump is a picture taken by an electronic device (in this case a Samsung Galaxy A9 device) to capture the display that appears on the screen.

Typically, this activity is carried out by the parent operating system or software running on the device. However, even so, do not rule out the possibility of screenshots can be produced by cameras or devices that can capture the output image or video.

These screenshots can be used to do many things, such as to demonstrate a program, show problems to other people, or just to do archiving.

And to support every activity of its users, the Samsung Galaxy A9 also comes also equipped with a screenshot feature that is very easy and fast to use. Then, how to use it?

2 Fast and Easy Ways to Screenshots on Samsung Galaxy A9 Devices

#1. How to Make a Screenshot on a Samsung Galaxy A9 Device With a Physical Button Combination

The first way you can take or capture screenshots on the Samsung Galaxy A9 is to press the button volume down together with the button power. This step can be done after the user opens the view you want to capture the screen.

This method is very helpful, especially for users who want to take screenshots by displaying the keyboard or when the device screen is unresponsive.

#2. How to Screenshot a Samsung Galaxy A9 (2018) with the Palm Swipe to Capture Feature

In addition to using a physical key combination, Samsung Galaxy A9 device users can also use a palm swipe to do a screenshot. However, before that, the user must first make sure the Palm Swipe to Capture feature on their device is on.

To check and activate it, the user can log in to Settings, then log in to Advanced Features and confirm the options Palm swipe to capture to position on. If not, the user can tap the button to the on position.

To use it, users can open the view you want to capture, then wipe the screen with the edge of the palm from right to left or vice versa.

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