WhatsApp is one of the most popular messengers or messaging applications in the world.

Even WhatsApp users in the world already reached more than 1.5 billion so there is a lot of exchange of messages every second.

WhatsApp itself offers a variety of interesting features that make users feel comfortable lingering with one another through messaging services, calls, and video calls.

One of the initial features of WhatsApp is a Group that allows several users to send messages that can be read by all members. Therefore do not be surprised if this feature is often used by WhatsApp users because communication can be more focused on the Group that has been made.

WhatsApp also allows a maximum of 256 people to interact with each other in a Group, whether using messages, pictures, videos or moving images. Although this feature is very useful, but some of you might be upset when you are suddenly added by an admin from an unknown group because usually, the conversation inside is not clear. 

Then how do you not get into a WhatsApp Group automatically like that? How to stop people from adding you to WhatsApp Groups? For those of you who want it, then you can follow the steps below.

How to stop people from adding you to WhatsApp Groups

  1. Open the WhatsApp application on your smartphone.
  2. On the WhatsApp main page, select the iconic menu three-point at the top right corner.
  3. Next visit the menu Settings
  4. From the list, choose menu Account (Account) and proceed by selecting the menu Privacy (Privacy)
  5. Enter the menu Groups
  6. On the next page there will be three choices about who can put us in a group consisting of My Contacts Except …, Everyone (Everyone), or My Contacts
  7. After the selection is made, you can immediately press the button Done (complete)

WhatsApp Decline Invitation

In addition to, My Contacts Except … is an option that allows only people in your phone contact to add to the Group, but you can add a list of people who are not allowed to put you in the Group

Temporary choice My Contacts allow everyone in your phone contact to add a Group.

Finally, Everyone (Everyone) allows anyone to put you in a group even if they are not in your smartphone contact list.

Later you will get a notification if invited by the admin of the WhatsApp Group. If you decline the invitation, then you can leave it up to 72 hours and it will automatically be destroyed.

Thanks to the presence of this feature, you will no longer be added to the Group by just any1. In other words, you can be more comfortable when using WhatsApp in your daily activities.