Take the opportunity to organize!

At these times when we spend a lot of time at home to reduce the progress of the pandemic, it may be a good opportunity to organize and leave our house as we would like. One of the most difficult things to order in a home is shoes, so in this article we want to show you some products that you can get at Amazon to find them a place in your closet.

1. For behind the door: Simple Warehouse

Ideal to take advantage of the space behind the door, this Simple Warehouse product It has 24 pockets of transparent fabric that allows you to order low shoes. It has dimensions of 64 “x 19” and adapts very well to any type of door. In addition to footwear, it serves to organize small items and accessories.

It is the cheapest product on the list, with less than $ 10. In Amazon It has a very high rating, 4.7 stars, with more than 10,000 reviews that highlight its high build quality and versatility. This is a perfect product to hang on the inside of the closet and take advantage of that wasted space.

2. To order 30 hanging shoes: Whitmor

With a capacity of 30 pairs, this whitmor organizer It is ideal to take advantage of a corner in your wardrobe and have all your footwear at hand. This product has dimensions of 11.5 “x 16.5” x 48 “and in addition to low footwear or tennis, you can organize other items such as underwear, bikinis, stockings, scarves and much more.

At Amazon, this product has a 18% discount and a price less than $ 20. It is well valued by customers, who comment that it is a very good product and with a strong construction, ideal for storing low shoes, tennis, heels and more.

3. For 10 pairs in the closet: ZOBER

In smaller cabinets, where you don’t have as much space available, this vertical zober organizer can help you order. It has a structure similar to the previous model, but with smaller dimensions of 54 “x 6” x 11 “. It has 10 shoe holes and also 5 mesh pockets on the sides, 5 on each side, to store other types of accessories.

For its current 15% discount, this product has less than $ 12 and it is highly valued by customers. In Amazon they mention that it is a functional product and with a good quality, although they warn that due to its compact measurements it is better for low shoes and tennis.

4. To place on the floor and take advantage of the height: Seville Classics

Of the brand Seville ClassicsThis organizer has 3 shelves to organize your shoes and make better use of the height in your closet. It is a product with dimensions of 19.1 “x 26.5” x 12.2 “made of metal, which can store up to 12 pairs of shoes on its shelves and 4 more on the bottom. Due to its design, it is perfect to place on the closet floor and make better use of it.

With more than 12,000 reviews on AmazonThis is the best-selling shoe organizer on the list. Currently it has a 12% discount and its price is less than $ 30. Customers comment on this product which has a large capacity, is very versatile and has a good design.

5. To gain headroom: Home-Complete

If you don’t have enough space to put the previous product, then this 2-tier shelving by Home-Complete It may be ideal. Measuring 40.9 “x 13.3” x 10.8 “, this organizer is slightly smaller and is ideal for closets without much vertical space. It is made of plastic and metal and can store up to 12 pairs of shoes.

At Amazon this product has less than $ 20 and it is well valued by customers. You can find this product with 2, 3, 4, 5 and 8 shelves and customers mention that it is very functional, easy to assemble and very resistant. In addition, they comment that it has a good price-quality ratio for the amount of shoes it can contain.

6. To use free shelf space: Woffit

The Woffit fabric drawers They can hold up to 12 pairs each and have dimensions of 32 “x 25” x 6 “each. This organizer is made of fabric with internal dividers and has a transparent plastic lid with closure to protect the shoe. Due to its design, it is ideal for low footwear, sandals or tennis. This product is ideal for placing on shelves, for example under hanging clothes, and keeping your shoes in order.

Although it is one of the most expensive products on the list, with less than $ 30They are well valued and it is very useful to take advantage of empty spaces, especially on shelves inside the wardrobe. Customers comment that it is a very functional organizer and that it is used to store all kinds of footwear. It does not have an external structure, so it can be somewhat unstable if it is not completely full.

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