Connecting a cell phone to Smart TV is one of the many utilities that currently have the famous smart televisions that now flood the market.

This allows content to be shared, such as watching downloaded movies on the Android / iOS device and watching them on the big screen.

Using screen mirroring iPhone, you can enjoy watching your movies or vacation pictures on the bigger screen of your smart TV and take advantage of your iPhone screen mirroring feature. Here we are going to tell how to screen mirroring iPhone to Samsung TV.

Most of the mobile device users are having iPhone these days. Apple devices are great because of their feature and functionality as taking a great picture in motion to watching videos and movies. iPhone/iPad gives you a great experience itself because it has an excellent display.

Apple has introduced the Apple TV for, especially screen mirroring iPhone or iPad only. But if you don’t have an Apple TV and have a Samsung Smart TV or LG Smart TV, then you can learn here many ways to screen mirroring iPhone to your Samsung TV or LG Smart TV or any Smart TV.

So, if you have Samsung smart tv and want to connect your smart tv to your iPhone or iPad for screen mirroring then read the complete article and take the advantage and stay ahead.

How to screen mirroring iPhone to Samsung Smart TV

(How to screen mirroring iPhone to LG smart TV)

A. Using AirBeam App: Mirror for Samsung TV and Mirror for LG TV

How to screen mirroring iPhone to Samsung smart TV using AirBeam Apps

These apps allow you to broadcast or mirror your iOS11 and above device to your Samsung or LG smart TV.

Requirement: If you are using this method then you need to connect your iPhone/iPad and Smart TV to the same Wi-Fi network.

I am assuming that you have connected your iOS device and smart tv to the same Wi-Fi network. Now follow the below steps to screen mirroring iPhone/iPad:

  1. Open App store in your iPhone and install Mirror for Samsung TV app
  2. After installation, launch the app in your iPhone.
  3. Now, wait for your Samsung smart TV to appear on the list of the TV you like to use for mirroring.
  4. As your Samsung smart TV appear on the list, tap on it.

    Mirror to Samsung TV
    Mirror to Samsung TV
  5. A permission window will appear on the screen of your smart TV for seeking permission for allowing the device to connect. Now use your TV remote and select the Allow option and press OK/Select button of your TV remote.
  6. Now the app will ask for enabling the screen recording module in your iPhone from the control centre.
  7. Go to iPhone settings and tap on Control Centre.
  8. Now enable the Access within Apps by toggling.

    Mirror to Samsung TV Control Center
    Mirror to Samsung TV Control Center
  9. Tap on Customize Controls and tap on the + icon before the Screen Recording Module to turn on it.
  10. Now you need to enable push notifications; It gives you the access to decide when your device is connected or disconnected from your smart TV.
  11. Open Control Centre and tap on the 3D Touch on the Screen Recording and choose the Mirror Samsung TV option and tap on Start Broadcast.

    Control Center Screen Recording
    Control Center Screen Recording
  12. After a short delay, your iOS device’s screen will appear on your Samsun smart TV.

    Start Broadcast Samsung TV
    Start Broadcast Samsung TV
How to stop broadcasting from your iPhone to Samsung smart TV?

  1. Open Control Centre and tap on the Screen Recording module.
  2. iPhone will popup an banner notification alerting you that the broadcast has stopped.

B. Using the AirPlay App: Apple TV

AirPlay is the Apple technology to sending audio and video data wirelessly between the sender and receiver. AirPlay is an iOS feature.

How to screen mirroring iPhone to Apple TV using AirPlay?

    1. Open Control Centre and tap on the AirPlay Mirroring button.
    2. Now select AirPlay receiver when it appears.
    3. You are done here.

C. Using Lightning Wired Digital AV Adapter and HDMI Cable or VGA Cable

Digital AV Adapter is a device which automatically mirrors the screen of your iPhone to your smart TV. It connects with the HDMI or VGA cable and also allows you to connect your device to the power source while connecting to smart tv.

  1. Connect Digital AV Adapter to your iPhone or iPad lightning port
  2. Now connect your smart TV via HDMI or VGA cable to Digital AV adapter.
  3. Open correct source on your display to see your device mirrored.

Connect cell phone to the LG Smart TV via wireless networks

There are two or three ways to link phone and a smart TV using wireless or WiFi network connections. The most relevant will be explained here.

Establish a WiFi-Direct connection

Connecting a cell phone to Smart TV is also possible through the WiFi Direct tool, which is incorporated in various Android models.

To successfully link, the first thing is to enter the ” Network ” menu of the TV from the settings section.

Within it, the ” WiFi Direct ” option is selected, which will proceed to search and find compatible devices for the connection.

Also, on the smartphone, you must enter the WiFi settings from the ” Internet and networks ” section in the ” Settings ” section.

Click on the wireless network icon, and at the bottom, you select the ” WiFi Preferences ” option and then ” Advanced “.

This will open a series of alternatives such as connection by WPS, Pin and others, where you will find the option of ” WiFi Direct “.

Pressing on it will open a device search section where you can see the Smart TV that is performing the equivalent action.

When you press on the TV, it will show us a notification from your screen to accept the link and establish it successfully.

Create a connection between Samsung TV and a mobile

In the case of the Samsung brand, you can connect a cell phone to Smart TV without using cables through the SmartThings application.

It is developed by the Smart TV company to control its devices from the cell phone, as well as other functions.

In this sense, it is available for both Android and iOS, and can be found in stores on each of the platforms.

Therefore, it must be downloaded to the device to continue with the method, and the next thing to do is open the App.

It will display a message in which you must select the option ” Add now “. This will connect the equipment to the TV.

In this way, it will be able to have many functions such as remotely controlling Smart TV, as well as sharing content.

Connect mobile with Hisense TV

In the case of the Hisense, the way to create a connection is through the “ Anyview ” which is a quality that it has to share files.

Then, to access it you must take the remote control of the equipment and select the ” Menu ” button placed on the right side.

If they cannot locate it, it is represented by having two lines of three consecutive boxes, which, when pressed, will show a list of all the applications.

Among them, you will see a call “ Anyview Cast ”, which when chosen will show a window with the following message “ Waiting for the external device to connect ”.

In parallel, it must be accessed from the ” Screen Cast ” option on the phone, which can be included by default or an App can be installed.

The ideal for this is a call ” Screen Mirroring “, which opens and selects the aforementioned option and links the Smart TV.

Connecting a cell phone to the Hisense brand Smart TV can also be achieved through ” Google Home ” with the same method.

Connect a smartphone to Sony Smart TV

In the case of Sony, the connection method is through WiFi Direct, which was previously explained for other models.

Therefore, you must access the ” WiFi Direct ” options inside the television, which is found in the ” Network ” or ” Connections ” section.

It is selected and left waiting while we enter the same feature from the cell phone in ” Advanced WiFi settings “.

In it will be the mentioned alternative that when pressing, will show us the device and it only remains to select it to establish a connection.

So next time whenever you need to screen mirroring iPhone tryout the above method and show your smartness among the friends.