As a technology company from China, Realme has successfully expanded its sales of smartphones, earphones, and accessories to other countries also.

Realme smartphone is one of the most popular products because it has an affordable price, but with hardware specifications and features that are no less interesting.

Screen Recording is one of the mainstay features that have been pinned directly on a smartphone realm. The presence of this feature allows users to record activities that are being carried out on a smartphone without having to use third-party applications.

Before you can use this feature, you need to bring it up first in the Quick Menu so that it can be activated more easily. For the steps, you can see it in the following tutorial.

How to bring up Screen Recording in Realme Smartphone

  1. On the smartphone home screen, open the Quick menu which is on the Notification Bar by sweeping or swiping the screen from the top down.
  2. This page contains setting shortcuts that can be accessed quickly.
  3. But usually, a feature Screen Recording not provided right from the start.
  4. For that, you can choose the menu Arrange Icon which symbolized 9 points in the upper right
  5. You will be presented with several menus that have not yet been entered into Quick Menu
  6. Search menu Screen Recording and move to the main page Quick Menu on Notification Bar
  7. Press the button Done to save changes

How to bring up Screen Recording in HP realm

Now the Screen Recording menu is available for you to select on the main Quick Menu page when you open the Notification Bar in full. For the record, only a maximum of 12 menus can be displayed in the Quick menu so you have to choose them as needed.

How to Record Realme Smartphone Screen

  1. Open Quick Menu on Notification Bar by sweeping or swiping the screen from the top down.
  2. Press the icon Screen Recording that you added earlier.
  3. Give access permission if requested by the system.
  4. Screen Recording will be activated immediately within 3 seconds and shows the keys floating on the screen.
  5. This floating button has a function to provide information about the recording duration of the screen being taken.
  6. Apart from that, the hover button is also used to stop recording the Realme screen.
  7. If the recorded content is sufficient, then you can press the floating button and the screen recording process will stop.
  8. The recorded video will be automatically saved directly on the internal storage of the Realme smartphone. 

How to Record an HP Realme Screen

To view the results of videos that have been recorded, then you can directly open the Screenshots folder in the Photos application. By default, this recorded video will use medium quality with HD resolution (720p).

But the video quality can be changed according to your needs to be high quality to Full HD resolution (1080p) or small in size with 480p resolution. With the presence of this Screen Recording feature, you can more easily make important videos that require you to show what is appearing on the screen.