If you have a lot of social media accounts, usually you will often update on all your social media. But of course, if you have to do an update one by one it might be complicated by yourself.

Then what social media can post at the same time to your other social media? The answer is Instagram. Why not Facebook? If you ask this, there’s a story.

In 2018 where there was a violation by Cambridge Analytica, Facebook had stopped enforcing all third-party applications to post to its personal feeds (not valid for business feeds), except for Instagram.

So if you want to post to many social media all at once including Facebook, then Instagram is your choice. What’s interesting is Instagram when in fact it is under the auspices of Facebook.

Well, there is an easy way to do that you can post on all your social media at once via Instagram. Your Instagram post can be sent directly on Facebook or Twitter too. For that, you can follow the steps below.

How to Post Photos on Instagram to Other Social Media

  1. First, you have to log in to your Instagram account.
  2. To share Instagram photos/videos with other social media, you must link your Instagram account with another social media account.
  3. If you have done it before, then you can skip to step 7 directly., If you don’t know about this, read continue.
  4. From the Instagram home screen, tap your profile icon
  5. Then Select Account> Linked Account from the menu that appears
  6. Select the account that you want to link to and enter your login information from Facebook, Twitter, to Tumblr.Link social media accounts to Instagram
  7. After that, you can post your photos on Instagram and other social media.
  8. Now you can set your photos to automatically post to other social media accounts too.
  9. In the Instagram application, select the plus sign in the middle of the bottom of the screen. Select the picture you want to share, then tap Next
  10. Use whatever filter and editing you want in your photo and tap Next again.Send posts to other social media
  11. On the last screen before posting photos, you will have options to write captions, tag friends, and add locations.
  12. At the bottom of the screen, you will see a list of all social media accounts that you have linked to your Instagram account.
  13. Activate the feature and photos will automatically be posted on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

Now by using this method, you no longer need to have to post photos to social media one by one so that life can be easier.