Eliminates dead cells and improves the structure of the skin.

The exfoliation must be on any skin type. By exfoliating or peeling, it helps improve collagen production, eliminates hyperpigmentation spots, improves circulation, prevents acne breakouts and cleanses pores. In sensitive skin with rosacea it should be done once every 15 days. For mixed and oily skin, the skin must be exfoliated every week, it is important that you do not do it daily, this can be counterproductive.

1. Chemical peel: It is made with acids that penetrate deep into the skin barrier, ideal for cleaning pores and stains, indispensable use of sunscreen

The chemical peel is one that uses acids, these can be glycolic, lactic, mandelic, azelaic, salicylic or mandelic acids. These penetrate the skin barrier into several deep layers of the foot to by clean the dead cell phones. These are cotton pads that contain lactic acid and glycolic acid with green tea. These pads already contain the exact exfoliation, you don’t need to add more.

You should only rub very gently all over your face, it is normal that you feel a slight tickle. The next day you should apply sunscreen. East Chemical peel is ideal for oily, combination and normal skin. Do it once a week always at night.

2. Peeling off: It is a deeper exfoliation that adheres to the skin to remove dead cells and cleanses the pores for oily, combination or normal skin.

The peeling off is from the masks that adhere to the skin and that you must then pull. This exfoliation helps to hydrate, clean the pores and gradually eliminate the black spots. It should be placed after washing the face and applying a layer, the important thing is that it does not dry completely, because if you leave it on for a long time it can irritate the skin and hurt it, because you have to pull to remove it.

This peel off mask is calendula to clean and soften. It is important that it should only be used in oily, combination or normal skinIn very sensitive skin it can irritate the skin a lot. It can be used once a week and in the morning or at night.

3. Physical exfoliation: an ideal surface cleaning for all skin types that helps remove dirt and makeup

The chemical peel is the most superficial, it does not penetrate as much into the skin, but it helps to remove impurities, excess makeup, eliminates sebum and gives it hydration. This physical exfoliation is made of green clay, it does not have as many granules, making it perfect for all skin types. This is a superficial peel without being abrasive like bulls.

The physical exfoliation can be applied to all skin types, but look for those that do not have many granules, because rubbing it on sensitive skin can irritate it. Apply once to twice a week. Whether in the morning or at night, remember to apply your serum and moisturizer afterwards.

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