We can easily add a site link to the Instagram account profile page. But if you install a link that is not appropriate, your account can be blocked by Instagram.

You who visited this page might be an example of this. If you don’t know yet, this blocking is marked by the appearance of the description “link not allowed” or “link not allowed” when liking or commenting on Instagram. Let’s learn what are the ways to overcome this error “Not Allowed Links” on Instagram?

How to Overcome “Not Allowed Links” on Instagram?

Although adding links is easy enough, Instagram actually limits the various types of sites that can be added. This they do so that users avoid it spamming.

Therefore, the first step that can be taken if you find your Instagram account blocked with a “link not allowed” warning is to delete the link that was added on the profile page.

Just like when you add a link on your profile page, you can delete it by opening its profile, then choose the button Edit Profile, then delete the URL in the Website section and press the check button (Done).

How to Overcome "Not Allowed Links" on Instagram?

After removing the link, you can try to like and comment on some photos uploaded to Instagram to ensure that the account is back to normal.

If the description “link not allowed”  reappears when trying, then most likely Instagram has also blocked the account based on the network used.

For that, you can then try to reset the network to overcome it. In this case, you can change the Wi-Fi settings used or activate airplane mode for a few minutes if you use cellular data directly.

The final step that you can take if the link problem is not allowed to still appear is clear application data and cache. In this case, you can also reinstall the Instagram application.

These steps can be specifically carried out to ensure that the application can run more freshly so that there are no system errors resulting in unauthorized site problems.

Some of the steps above you can try if you experience account blocking with the description “link not allowed” or “link not allowed”. But if you haven’t overcome it, you can choose an option Tell us or Problem Report which also appears along with the warning.