Faking an orgasm is one of the alternative, and possibly necessary, skills that most women have in bed. But there will always be a point where they will say enough, no more theater! I must somehow tell my partner that I am not sexually satisfied. The big problem is how to get this message to the “champion” and above all how to make his performance better.

The first thing you should analyze is the frequency of the situation, that is, Has it always been this way or did you suddenly stop feeling pleased? since under that premise perhaps you could stop the reasons that led them to detune the pleasure in intimacy.

If it is the first option, unfortunately, there is a lack of ‘sexual chemistry’ between you, which should be worked on as a couple, because you can’t rule out the possibility that he doesn’t feel comfortable either. Believe it or not, they too can fake an orgasm.

But in a relationship conflicts, mistakes, infidelities, mistrust and a myriad of factors arise that are destroying male sexual performance. This prevents you from having good erections, causes frustration and even depression. For this reason, it is vital that you as a couple communicate the message of dissatisfaction in a very subtle and intelligent way. Because come on, I don’t want to start from the assumption that your boyfriend is the ‘Magikarp’ of sex.

How to tell your partner that you are not sexually satisfied

1. Use the right words

No profanity or expressions that could hurt his manhood, because you could aggravate the situation to make him shy about seeking you sexually. Be delicate and even a bit romantic, at least in the beginning of time. If you notice that the problem continues, you should be more direct.

2. “I would like more if …”

This phrase is key! At no point are you conveying that their performance is bad, but that “it could be better if …” and you release all those movements that he would love to make to satisfy you.

Remember that during sex there should be a lot of communication, verbal and non-verbal. Sometimes the woman usually guides her partner to bring him to orgasm, which does not necessarily have to be with vaginal intercourse. In fact, penetration is one of the least effective methods for them to climax. See?… Communicate!

3. Propose ideas to renew sexuality

You should not always wait for your boyfriend to appear with a sexual repertoire where he will dedicate himself to pleasing you. It is very likely that he already feels your dissatisfaction in bed, so he could already be blocking him more and more in his performance.

Propose a more careful foreplay, more time in the positions where you feel stimulated and a session of mental liberation that they can work as a couple to relieve the stresses and strains of day-to-day life.

4. Reverse psychology

In order to inform him that you are not sexually pleased You can start by asking him if he enjoys being intimate with you.

By getting their response you have managed to open the topic, so take advantage of their comments to express phrases such as: “I feel that our meetings could improve” or “I think if we would enjoy more if …” and it is important that you always speak in plural so that you believe that it is an inconvenience of both.