In a previous article, we talked about the weekly frequency of sexual intercourse, a number that changes as the couple fulfills more time in their courtship or marriage. The experts pointed out that intimacy tends to reduce their episodes, however, there is another scenario that also worries women and that is when her husband wants to have sex every day.

Imagine that you have two days pleasing your husband in bed and the next, after an intense day, he begins to insinuate himself once more. Even though you weren’t in the mood, you decided to give yourself up once more, but 24 hours later the scene keeps repeating itself. Is this normal?

Although we all experience different sexual urges, most men are naturally always up for an intimate encounter. Also, it’s a good sign that he likes to connect with you and you undoubtedly continue to be attractive to him. The big problem is when this begins to change and you even think that the chances of infidelity.

Your husband is probably going through a good sexual streak and of course he wants to take advantage of it. But if it is literally about having sex every day, without considering your desire and disposition, we would be talking about possible sex addiction .

What do I do if my husband wants to have sex every day

This situation makes you walk a fine line where at one end your husband is understanding that not every day you have sexual motivation, while on the other side is his confidence and power they are jumping off a cliff because they could not bear your rejection.

But come on, there is no reason to reach those instances where there is also some drama. Sex is not when he wants, but when they both want it. Another important factor is how to tell him that you are not in the mood without taking offense, which should be fine if there is good communication and you use the right expressions.

After he has been able to understand that some days, for physiological and emotional reasons, you feel less willing than others, they cannot make the mistake of falling into a kind of weekly planning. The main reason is that for many couples, planned sex does not excite, since it lacks foreplay and that delicious feeling that you are going to have intimacy and perhaps you did not think about it.

The most advisable thing is that the subject does not appear again verbally, since it is not a subject of words but of gestures. The intimate connection, seduction and eroticism that both shares will be key so that sexual encounters with your husband are regularized and remain pleasant.