Ending a romantic relationship, be it on good or bad terms, will always be a complex and difficult situation to overcome, at least for the first few weeks. If it was you who decided to sign the bankruptcy, it is likely that your ex-partner will keep writing to you to try or even keep photos of both of you on social media, as a message to indicate that you don’t forget.

They do not necessarily have to speak on Facebook or Instagram, since a simple ‘like’ makes it clear that they are monitoring your movements. So If you enter your personal accounts and notice that it still keeps you in its contact list, it is best if you take the step of deleting it.

Keeping an ex on your social networks is dangerous, especially if the relationship did not end in the best way. And no matter how much he decides to keep you, you do have reasons to unsubscribe, which is not the same as blocking him.

6 reasons for you to remove your ex from the networks

1. You will be tempted to write to him

One of the main reason for erasing all traces of your ex on social media is the dangerous temptation to write to him again. The slightest “hello” can get you into trouble, especially if you have false illusions of a reconciliation.

The best thing is to have the determination to close that chapter and not to open it. They ended up for something, right?

2. You will avoid questions and comments from others

If they still follow each other on social media and even have photos together, no one is going to believe that they actually broke up. Then, people will keep asking you about the relationship, which obviously makes you uncomfortable.

It is not necessary to be giving everyone the details of why the breakup occurred, but it is good that they know that you are not together, especially your family.

3. A prudent distance

It is deeply liberating and necessary that there be distance between you and your ex after you break up. If it does not occur, it is like spraying lemon on the wound and making it more difficult for both him and you.

By removing him from your social networks you will feel calmer, it is the best you can do.

4. Don’t bump into their posts

Even if you are convinced that your relationship was going nowhere, that it is no longer worth trying again and that everything is finally over, If you continue to have it on your social networks, it will be inevitable to run into their publications.

Daily posts may be insignificant or share absolutely nothing, but What if you notice that after a few weeks he is sharing photos with another woman. And why be in those? Better get it off your platforms and live in peace.

5. Close a loop

The fact of eliminating it from the networks helps to end the story … now everyone will take their own way. That is completely healthy and beneficial for both of us. Closing cycles is essential for your growth and emotional well-being.

6. You will not have problems with your future partners

Imagine that you meet a boy and although you do not maintain contact with your ex partner, he finds out that you have started a new relationship. Which guarantees you that it does not appear suddenly to boycott what you are building. Exes love to “resurrect” to take advantage of these moments.