Caring for the skin is essential not only to improve its appearance, but to help our health.

Weather conditions can be changing, this means that the skin can be seriously affected. You should not only be aware of the cold or heat on your mother’s face, but also on the hands, legs and skin of the body because you need adequate products to stay hydrated.

Also by protecting yourself you avoid skin diseases. The alternatives exist only. You should look for products that keep the skin in optimal conditions.

1. Clean & Clear: Lemon extract facial scrub

Oil-free facial scrub that smooths the roughness on your face. This product gently rinses, shines, and cleanses because it’s packed with lemon and vitamin C.

2. Cicatricure: Anti-wrinkle neck cream

This anti-wrinkle cream reduces fine lines and expression marks. Anti aging eye cream and night cream. It works from the first application.

3. Class Gold Cosmetics: Cream to lighten dark areas of the skin

Highly improved formula provides quick results on the applied area. Its high content of actives acts directly on the treated areas, promoting fresh and rejuvenated skin.

4. Advanced Clinicals: Coconut body cream

This highly nourishing and concentrated formula restores moisture to dry, dull skin. Multiple-use formula. Excellent as a facial moisturizer, body lotion, neck and neck moisturizer. Visibly restores skin elasticity with pure coconut oil.

5.Easy Look: collagen cream

Collagen elastin cream contains active ingredients that provide great benefits for the appearance of the skin. Collagen protein decreases age. This cream penetrates the pores and gives the skin the moisture balance necessary to maintain freshness.

6. Aveeno: Skin care gift set

Reveal radiant skin with the Aveeno 3 Skin Care Gift Set. This set includes a daily skin lightening scrub, drops of infusion serum and a face mask.

The concentration of good products greatly helps the appearance of the skin. Find the right alternatives to keep looking radiant.