A significant detail that will not leave you bankrupt

The Mother’s day It is one of the most significant and special moments of the year. This celebration is ideal to demonstrate to those wonderful beings who gave us life how important and special they are to us. If you have a somewhat tight budget, then we show you the best gifts to give your Grandma that will not affect your finances.

1. Cup with airtight lid


It is an insulation vessel with double walls that help maintain the temperature of the drink for longer. It is made without BPA and is able to withstand the extreme temperatures of the freezer and the microwave.

An excellent option for your grandmother to enjoy her favorite drinks and that will also help to keep them longer at the right temperature. Its beautiful flower pattern is delicate and very feminine.

2. Necklace silver


It is a delicate necklace made with sterling silver, an element that makes it a very attractive and durable piece at the same time. Its design is made up of three interlocking circles that symbolize the union between the grandmother, the mother and the daughter.

An accessory that your grandmother can wear every day as it adapts to any style and is suitable for every occasion. A very significant gift that Grandma will treasure for a long time.

3. Handbag for makeup


A bag for makeup made with canvas cloth It also has a print with the highest quality inks that guarantee that its design can withstand many washes. It has a zip closure with a silver handle.

It is the right size so that grandma can always have her products on hand makeup. Is elegant and classic, which without a doubt perfectly reflects how special your grandmother is and how much you appreciate that she is part of your life.

4. Accessory with pendant from the heart


A beautiful necklace that includes a pendant on heart shape which has an inscription on one of the edges with the word “grandmother” in English. The necklace is adorned with a cubic zirconia piece in the central part.

Its classic style makes this piece of jewelery a very easy to combine It can be used for any occasion and will help to add much more shine to your grandmother’s clothes.

5. Framework hanging photos


An ornament in an elegant tree design that includes many photo frames that have been crafted with polished metal and adorned with leaves at its ends that are painted gold. It has the capacity to display up to six photographs at a time.

An ideal gift to preserve the best family moments and show it with joy to all the guests. Its modern design allows it to adapt easily to any type of decoration.

6. Pad thermal


It is a thermal pad designed for the neck and shoulders which is designed to provide a therapeutic heat around the area where it is placed and thus provide an effective treatment against muscle pain and accumulated tension.

I know heats up quickly and it is equipped with four levels of heat intensities that can be easily adapted. The high quality microvision fabric that covers the device makes them very soft and completely washable.

7. Game to serve Tea


Is a tea set made with ceramic that is made up of a cup and a jug with a fully stackable design and its shape allows you to keep the water hot and serve it directly in the cup at the same time.

The colorful and flowery print on the jug blends perfectly with the neutral butterfly hue on the mug. A special detail that has a label whose inscription is described love you have towards your grandmother.

8. Figure of decor


It is a figure made entirely of hand-painted ceramics that has a sturdy metal base and a design that represents a blue bird. Its size is perfect for decorate shelves, shelves, side tables, desks, coffee tables and many more furniture in the house.

The finely finished piece includes a message that brings a touch of joy to the home. A beautiful way to demonstrate the immense love for your grandmother in this special occasion.

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