There is no better gift than a comfortable garment to rest at home

The Mother’s day It is an ideal occasion to surprise that person who gave us life and gives us all his love at every opportunity. One way to celebrate this special date with her is with a gift that fits her personality and has a certain special touch. Check out these 10 designs robes and pajamas that will fascinate moms of all ages.

1. Pajamas of flannel

Pajama set made with flannel fabric which guarantees mobility and total sleeping comfort. This design includes a short-sleeved, round-neck T-shirt, plus drawstring shorts at the waist.

2. Garment with Capri pants

A pajama made with capri fabric that consists of a soft short-sleeved shirt with cropped pants with loose fit. A piece that provides a feeling of well-being which will allow your mother to spend a quiet night and wake up completely renewed.

3. Set of horizontal stripes

A striped pajama set made with stretchy, lightweight fabrics that are great to wear anywhere time of the year. It comes with a loose fit top that adjusts with buttons and matching shorts that ensure comfort.

4. Pajamas with long pants

This pajama is made with a combination of lycra, viscose and cotton, fabrics with soft textures that adjust easily to the shape of your body. Its design includes a long-sleeved shirt with a button closure and loose pants with an elastic waist.

5. Classic style of short sleeves

It is a nightgown made with a soft and breathable fabric that adapts to any climate, making it a perfect gift for any mother who enjoys loose and light clothing. It is characterized by having a short sleeves design, front button line and a curved hem at thigh level.

6. Whisk with 3/4 sleeves

A robe made of jersey fabric ultra soft and breathable which makes it perfect to use on days when you don’t plan to leave home. It has a unique design that perfectly combines its 3/4 sleeves, double seams, lined hems and its design that adds a lot of personality.

7. Nightgown with notched neck

It is a nightgown made with a soft viscose fabric that offers a loose fit ideal for all types of weather. It has a timeless design of long sleeves with front buttons, a notched collar and a curved hem to the thighs.

8. Garment with v neck

It is a robe that is made with pre-shrunk cotton it does not irritate the skin and adapts to any season of the year. The design has a V-neckline and a colorful cartoon print that stands out perfectly against the black background.

9. Design with front zipper

It is a robe that has a classic vibrant checkered design and is available in a large variety of colors so you can choose the one that best suits mom’s personality. The design includes two large pockets, short sleeves and a matching front zipper.

10. Whisk with print religious

A gown made with jersey knit fabric, a breathable material that is ideal for moms of sensitive skin. Its design is characterized by its 3/4 sleeves and its print with religious phrases that give a much more positive vibe.

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