Armed with the Android operating system that is used as the basis, the interface MIUI system 11 also supports the ability of voice commands (voice commands) owned by Google Assistant.

With virtual assistant based on artificial intelligence This, Xiaomi device users can also give commands to a smartphone without the need to touch the smartphone’s physical button or virtual button that appears on the screen. Let’s see in detail how to activate the Voice Command Feature and how to use it on your Xiaomi device.

MIUI 11 Has a Voice Command Feature, How Do You Activate It?

To activate the voice command feature, users can directly manage it from the page Settings > Google > Account Services > Search, Assistant & Voice > Google Assistant.

From the settings page that appears, scroll to the section Assistant then choose Phone in section Assistant Device which is the bottom of itself. Furthermore, users only need to activate the slide button located next to the options Google Assistant.

Once activated, users can add additional settings for Google voice commands in MIUI by selecting an option “Hey Google”  then follow the various stages given.

In addition, users can then set options Unlock with Voice Match so they can open the assistant with a voice command even if the smartphone is in a locked screen.

Well, unfortunately, the Unlock with Voice Match feature is actually limited by several versions of the MIUI system interface so that some users will not be able to use this feature on their devices.

Fortunately, Xiaomi smartphone users are promised to be back supported by the Unlock with Voice Match feature fundamentally in the latest version of the MIUI 11 interface that is still implemented gradually until now.

It’s just that, users do not rush to look for it because this feature is still limited to the Xiaomi smartphone devices which are marketed in India so that it cannot be tried in many regions.

Then is there a way to outsmart? It is unfortunate, I myself have not been able to find a solution or other alternatives to make the voice command feature work when the Xiaomi smartphone screen is locked.

I can only suggest that Xiaomi smartphone users be a little patient and wait for the next update from MIUI 11 in the future. But if I find a solution, then, of course, I will update this article.

Based on many rumors circulating in cyberspace, this feature is still in the stage of refinement so that it has not been implemented in many Xiaomi smartphones.