As a smartphone manufacturer from China, Vivo has expanded its product sales all around the world very well.

Even now Vivo is famous for its smartphones which has front and rear cameras with various features. Besides selfies, slow motion or slowmo is one of the interesting features that can be produced by a Vivo smartphone camera.

But apparently, some people do not know, how to use the slow-mo feature on your Vivo smartph1. For those of you who are curious to activate this feature, you can see the following tutorial.

How to Make a Slowmo Video on Vivo Smartphone

  1. First, you can open the default camera application on your Vivo Smartphone.
  2. Select menu ‘┬ávideo’ by sliding the existing list to the right
  3. Activate Slow Motion which can be found at the top
  4. Make sure the words Slow Motion appears in the default camera application
  5. Press the Shutter button with the big red circle to start recording
  6. Press the Shutter button again to stop when you are finished

Slowmo videos that have been taken will be automatically stored in a storage memory that can be accessed through the Gallery application. In addition, you can still further edit the video and set the frame for slow motion.

Slowmo video settings in vivo

Through this feature, you can record slow-motion video with a duration of your choice whether it is short or slow. That way you can be more creative in making unique videos.

Usually, slow-motion videos are used to present more dramatic scenes. For example, you can record the movement of a balloon filled with broken water so that it looks at every movement of water that comes out.

The Slow Motion feature itself has begun to be embedded in many of today’s smartphone default applications. Plus you can also use a variety of party applications that are already available on the Google Play Store that provide a variety of different options.