Along with the times, the ability of smartphones has also increased so that it can be used in various ways, including to produce photos with good quality.

Through the photo application provided, users can capture their precious moments to be remembered. Even so, sometimes some people want a collection of photos they have arranged into a moving video with additional songs.

Then how to do this on a smartphone? For those of you who want to know how to make photos into videos then you can see the tutorial we have explained below.

This tutorial will present a way to assemble a photo into a video with additional effects and sounds so that it will be more interesting when shared with friends or closest people.

But before that, you can download and install PowerDirector from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

How To Make A Collection Of Photos Into A Video

  1. Open the PowerDirector application
  2. On the home page of this application, you can choose a menu New Project
  3. Next, specify Video Title to be made and Aspect Ratio (landscape or portrait)
  4. Once determined, select OK to enter the PowerDirector main edit page
  5. Insert the various photos you want into the available layers
  6. Arrange the photos according to how long you want to display
  7. Add effects and transitions to make videos more interesting
  8. Don’t forget to also include songs to add excitement
  9. If everything is finished and as desired, it’s time Export be a video
  10. How to press the menu symbol Film Cliché at the top right of the application and choose Produce Video
  11. Then select the menu Save to Gallery or SD Card
  12. Determine the resolution, bitrate quality, and FPS speed for the video produced
  13. Press the button Produce and wait until the video export process is complete

Later exported video from PowerDirector will be stored in the internal storage of the smartph1. In addition, this video can also be shared directly with others through social networks, messaging applications, Bluetooth, WiFi Direct, or email.

You could say PowerDirector is a video editor application that is easy to use, even for first-time users. It’s just the free version of the PowerDirector application that will provide a watermark on the video that has been made.

Even so, the average video editor application today always adds a watermark to the exported video so you want to subscribe to the pro version every month or year if you are really serious about editing videos.

Besides PowerDirector, there are also other video editor applications available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store with a variety of different features so don’t be afraid to try it.