Privacy now has its own space in this open era. You also must control it independently, although many platforms have privacy policies to protect users.

One of the things you can do in this case is to lock your social media account. That way, only selected people can access all your personal information, especially those that are sensitive.

My advice, you can start by locking your Twitter account. As we know, Twitter is social media with unique characteristics, where users usually express various kinds of things frontally.

If you belong to this group let alone upload personal information often, then it helps you immediately follow my advice beforehand.

Now for those of you who don’t know how to do it, let’s discuss the steps in this article. But before that, there are some important things to know if the account is locked.

How to Lock Your Twitter Account to Secure it

Before starting the procedure, go through the 3 points, that you should know:-

First, you will be preoccupied with receiving requests when there is an account that wants to start following your account. In this case, you are required to accept or reject the request.

Second, any account activity such as tweets, permanent links, or retweets can only be seen by followers, and no retweet icon will appear for followers to reply to tweets or make tweets.

Third, interactions such as replies to accounts that are not registered as followers, will also not be seen by the account. They must follow your account if you want to see the reply.

If some of the above is not a problem for you, then you can immediately lock your Twitter account. For Twitter users, you can open the settings page to do this.

How to Lock a Twitter Account

The first step, swipe the screen to the right to bring up the Twitter menu list. You can also tap on the profile photo located in the top left corner to open the list.

Next, find and select an option Settings and privacy. From there then look for options Privacy and safety then activate the slide button (tick) the options Protect your Tweets.

While for those of you who use the Twitter web, you only need to visit the page to set this account protection.

If it’s already active, how do you restore it? You can follow the steps above, then remove account protection by deactivating the previously activated slider (tick) button.

That’s it.¬† The steps are pretty simple. If you like it then share this article with your friends.