YouTube is now a very popular video sharing service in the world with millions of new videos every day.

This can happen because the process of uploading videos to YouTube is quite easy. By doing so, your video can be watched by many people nationally and internationally.

Even now you can also do live streaming from YouTube directly from the smartphone used. That way you can do Vlogs or other things while interacting directly with the audience.

Now for those of you who want to stream live Youtube from your smartphone then follow the tutorial as follows.

How to Live Stream to YouTube Directly from Your Smartphone

  1. First, open the YouTube application on your smartphone.
  2. Once open, then you can choose the video upload menu bearing the camera icon at the top of the main page.
  3. Next you will get  a menu Record and Go Live to enter into livestream mode on youtube.
  4. Select the Allow Access menu to allow YouTube access to smartphone.
  5. After the message appears, then you can select the button Turn on.
  6. Complete the required information such as the video title, broadcast in a manner Public or Private, description, tags, chat availability and live streaming location
  7. If it is set, then you just press the button Next and choices will appear regarding the orientation to be used be it portrait or landscape.
  8. Livestreaming will start immediately after you choose the orientation.
  9. If you want to stop doing YouTube Live Streaming, you can immediately select the close button that crosses on the top right side.

During live streaming, you will find several panels at the bottom, such as the number of viewers, duration, number of likes, chat, camera orientation, and much more.

Step YouTube Live Streaming on HP

Based on the new rules from YouTube, you can do, YouTube live streaming from your Smartphone only when you already have a subscriber of at least 1,000 people.

If you don’t have that many subscriber yet, the YouTube application will reject it and bring up a message regarding the rules for Live Streaming from a smartphone.

Of course, to run YouTube’s live streaming smoothly, you should use a data plan or a WiFi network with a stable connection. In addition, you also have to be ready with the words and video content that is broadcast.

That’s it. Try it and do LiveStreaming with your Subscribers Now.