Steps to Wrap Text on Google Sheets:

Step 1. To wrap text inside Google Sheets, one has to open the Google Sheets first.

Step 2. First, open the Google Chrome web browser in your pc or laptop.

Step 3. A New Tab will open up where one can search for all type of information.

Step 4. Log In to Google Chrome with your email id and the password to get access into various Google apps.

Step 5. Now click on the Google apps menu which is situated at the right-upper corner of your web browser.

Step 6. A drop-down list will open up. This list contains various Google apps.

Step 7. Now left-click on the “Drive” app to open the Google Drive.

Step 8. Your Google drive page will show up.

Step 9. Now to Insert Wrapping Text on Google Sheets, first left click on the “New” option at the left-upper corner of the Google drive.

Step 10. A drop-down list will show up with Google Docs, Google Sheets options among others.

Step 11. Now take your cursor over “Google Sheets” and left-click on your mouse.

Step 12. A new “Untitled spreadsheet” will show up.

Step 13. Now write a long sentence inside one of these cells of the Google Sheets.

Step 14. When you have already written the text and remove the curser from there, the sentence spreads over the B1, C1 and D1 cells instead of staying inside A1 cell only.

Step 15. This problem can be solved if you wrap the text of the A1 cell.

Step 16. Select the A1 cell first.

Step 17. After that to do Google Sheet Text Wrap, you have to go to the “Text wrapping” option inside the Google Sheets.

Step 18. Left-click on the “Text wrapping”. Another list of three types of text wrapping will show up.

Step 19. The default text wrap of Google Sheets is mostly “Overflow”. But if you want to wrap and display a whole text inside a cell then, you have to click on “Wrap” inside “Text Wrapping”.

Step 20. Here is how the text will look after the wrapping is done inside Google Sheets.