Here are the easy steps to use PayPal credit.

Step 1.  First, go to the retailer or e-commerce site that allows PayPal credit use.

Step 2.  After you put the items into the cart proceed to the checkout page.

Step 3.  Later when you have to choose the payment option at that time, you can use PayPal for initiating payment. Check the image below:

how to use paypal credit

Note: As per the vendor’s site, you may have to include further information prior to proceeding to PayPal account.

Step 4.  So, after you select your PayPal account as the payment option, it will open the PayPal window.

Step 5. There enter your email address and password to Log Into your account.

how to use paypal credit

Step 6. After logging, ensure that you choose the PayPal Credit option available at the left side of the window. As shown in the image below:

how to use paypal credit

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Step 7. Then tap on Continue option found at the bottom of the page to proceed further.

Note: PayPal will let you review the order once more with the retailer or shopping portal.

Step 8. Once you have reviewed your order details, tap on the “Agree and Pay” option available below the page to complete the payment process.

Step 9. It will apply PayPal credit for order payment and take you back to the real website.

Note: You can also view your PayPal Credit order history from your PayPal account along with your order status.