Google Chrome is popular globally because it offers fast performance for internet surfing, whether opening social networks, emailing, watching streaming videos, and others.

In addition, Google Chrome also supports additional extensions with various functions to support user activities to make it even easier. One of the interesting extensions that are present on Google Chrome is the Google Translate Extension.

Google Translate Extension allows you to quickly translate sites and important words while browsing using Google Chrome.

Before using the Google Translate Extension, you must first install it from the Chrome Web Store.

How to Install Google Translate Extension

  1. Open Google Chrome on your computer
  2. Type on the box Address Bar on Google Chrome
  3. Next, Google Chrome will redirect to the page Chrome Web Store
  4. On the box Search, select category Extensions and type Google Translate Google Chrome Webstore
  5. Press Google Translate Extension after appearing on the page Chrome Web Store Google Translate Extension Part 1
  6. On Google Translate extensions page, Press the button Add to Chrome and a notification will appear at the top right of the browser asking to install the extension Google Translate Extension Part 2
  7. If you agree, then press the button Add extension
  8. Wait until a notification appears that the Google Translate Extension has been installed Google Translate Extension Part 3

How to Use Google Translate Extension

  1. Go to the site to be translated into another language
  2. After the site opens, press the button Extensions symbolized puzzle on the top right Google Chrome
  3. After appearing Extensions pop-up menu, then press the button Pin symbolized by needle to bring up Google Translate Extension next to Address Bar
  4. Next, select Google Translate Extension that appears to the right of the Address Bar
  5. On Google Translate Extensions pop-up menu, select the button Translate This Page to directly want to translate all content on the currently opened web page
  6. If successful, then the language on the web page will change according to the language selected in the website Google Translate Extensions
  7. If you want to change to another language, then you can change it in the menu Translated to…. which appears below Address Bar

You could say to use the Google Translate Extension on Google Chrome is very easy. For the record, if you only want to translate words, then you can enter the words in the Translate box above the Translate This Page writing.

After entering the word is entered into the Translate box, you only need to press the Translate button. Google Translate Extension will display the translation plus the sound when pronounced.

In my opinion, Google Translate Extension can help to translate a web page into the desired language. Moreover, Google Translate itself brings language translation capabilities to many countries.