The COVID-19 pandemic has forced some Indonesians to carry out various activities, such as studying and working from home.

This makes video conferencing applications starting to be used by many people to meet face to face, study, make friends or hold a meeting via the internet without having to meet in person physically.

Google Meet is one of the video conferencing service applications made by Google that was chosen to carry out these activities because it is reliable and easy to use. You yourself can access Google Meet through the mobile application for smartphones and the website for PCs or laptops.

So for those of you who haven’t learned how to use Google Meet on a laptop, then you can see the tutorial as follows.

How to Use Google Meet on a Laptop

  1. First, open a browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and others) on the laptop.
  2. On the Browser home page, type in the Address Bar.
  3. Next, create a new room for the video conference by selecting the button New meeting.Google Meet New Meeting
  4. On the menu that appears, select Get a meeting link to Share.
    Google Meet Link
  5. After selecting it, you will be faced with a link that is ready to be shared with others.
    Google Meet Get Link
  6. Invite others to join the teleconference using the link
  7. You can share it directly via instant messaging applications or social media.
  8. Later you will be asked to activate the webcam and speaker or microphone when entering.
  9. After the webcam and speakers are active, press the button Join Now.
  10. Then, you will go to the Google Meet video conference page.
  11. Congratulations, you can already meet face to face and have meetings with other people.

On the video conferencing page, you can turn off or turn on the microphone and webcam icon available next to hang up. Apart from that, you can also present slides, websites, photos, videos, documents, and more by pressing the Present Now button on Google Meet.

You can also adjust the resolution quality of the webcam on the Settings menu in Google Meet. If you want to close the video conference, then just press the button with the red telephone icon.

Get a meeting link to Share; button New Meeting also has other menu options such as Start an instant meeting and Schedule in Google Calendar.

Start an instant meeting allows you to directly enter the video conference page of Google Meet and only has to provide the link that is visible in the browser’s address bar to others to join the conference.

While Schedule in Google Calendar allows you to create a conference or scheduled meeting by saving a link in Google Calendar, you can invite or register other people to attend conferences on Google Meet according to a predetermined schedule.

For those of you who use smartphones, it is strongly continued to use the application to make conferences easier using Google Meet. If you get a conference link from someone else, it will usually be directed to the Google Meet application that has been installed on the smartphone.