Even though it doesn’t have an adequate internet network, Google Maps can still be used by smartphone users. Google-made service it has a feature called Offline Maps. By using this feature, you can explore the country without worrying about getting lost. This is because Google Maps can still be used to search for locations or guide you to your destination, even without connecting to the internet network.

But before you can use this feature, you must first download the area of ​​the location that you want to visit. You can choose an area based on city, district, province to country in this case.

To ensure sufficient memory is used and downloaded data is not erased, the first step you can take to download areas in the Google Maps service is to set the location for storing maps.

The location for storing Google Maps maps is basically placed in the smartphone’s internal memory. You can change it to external memory via Menu (hamburger icon in the top left corner) then select an option Offline maps.

From the Offline maps page that appears, then tap Settings icon (gear) in the upper-right corner of the page, then change sections Storage preferences to SD Card by tapping on it.

How to Use Google Maps

If you have successfully changed the storage location to external memory, you can then return to the main Google Maps application to start downloading the expected area.

From the main Google Maps page, then type the name of the area to be saved in the search field then press the button Enter. For example, I use Yogyakarta in this regard.

If so, a new menu will appear with the title in accordance with the selected area at the bottom. Tap on the title to bring up more options, then choose an option DOWNLOAD and confirm with the appropriate options.

How to Use Google Maps Even Without an Internet Network Connection

To ensure the download process runs smoothly, you can use WiFi or operator with a fast connection in this case. And if it’s successful, you can use Google Maps as usual without an internet connection to try it.

Now if you have saved a lot of areas, you can also manage them through the Menu and then go to the Offline maps option. In that page, you can refresh an outdated map or delete a map that you no longer use.