Instagram users will never seem to run out of filters to enhance your Story posts. For one thing, they can use a filter called .txt to do this.

Since Facebook launched Spark AR Studio equipment, more and more filters are appearing on Instagram. Some filters are even popular enough for users to raise the question, “how to use them?”

Filter .Txt also gets the same response from Instagram users. Many users are curious about how to use it. Therefore, visiting this article is a very appropriate step for those of you who are also curious.

How to use filters with .txt effects on Instagram stories

Filter .Txt is actually not a filter that can be said to be new. By using this filter by José Guilherme Edmundo, you can enhance the appearance of the Story so that your content does not look boring.

However, it should be emphasized that this filter will not change the face in your upload to the face of one of the Korean boy band members, Tomorrow X Together (TXT). This filter will only make your photo black and white (monochrome) with the addition of certain text in it.

In order to use this filter, you can visit an account Instagram José who uses the name @joseguilhermeze. Next, you need to follow the account so you can see all the filters made by José.

After following the account, a new tab will appear with a picture of people at the bottom of José’s Story highlights. Press emote person is to open the filter section or you can also swipe the screen to the left for this.

If the filter collection already appears, look for a filter called .txt. Tap the filter, then press the button Try it to try it or button Save (similar to the download button) to save the filter to the filter list that we have.

If you choose, Try it and the filter has been applied to the camera, press the button Shutter to take a photo or press the button for a while if you want to record it as video.

Furthermore, you can do various things from the editor that appears just like when you upload a normal story. In this case, you can add additional writing or stickers to it.

Pretty interesting right? If you feel the filter is not according to what you want, you can also make your own filter in a way that I shared before.

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