Without a doubt, emojis are a fundamental part of our digital life, our routine, and our daily conversations on WhatsApp or posts on Twitter and Facebook. We regularly use them from our cell phones, but did you know that you can also use them from a Mac computer?

So if you are working, doing some homework or just browsing the internet and want to share something with an emoji today, at #WorldEmojiDay, we tell you how to do it directly from your Mac computer so that you no longer have to resort to your cell phone on those occasions.

There are two easy ways to activate emojis on a computer with an OS X operating system.

The first is from the “Edit / Edit” menu of practically any program or from the famous Finder. There you can find the option “Emoji icons and symbols”, it is at the bottom and all you have to do is click.

How to use Emoji On Mac

Step 1. Visit Apple menu and select System Preferences

How to use Emoji On Mac

Step 2. Click on Keyboard panel and choose the Input Sources tab

How to use Emoji On Mac

Step 3. Check the box next to Show Input Sources menu

How to use Emoji On Mac

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Step 4. Quit System Preferences

Step 5. In the menu bar, click on Input Sources menu and choose Show Emoji & Symbols

How to use Emoji On Mac

Step 6. The moment window opens, click on Emoji and choose the category you want

How to use Emoji On Mac

Step 7. Navigate through the emoji or type the name in the search bar

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Step 8. Then, either you can double-click on emoji or drag it into the text window of the app you’re using