Not only smartphones, OPPO has also presented a variety of Bluetooth headsets in Indonesia with various features and advantages of each. Five OPPO Bluetooth headsets with good audio quality have been recorded in the country, namely OPPO Enco Q1, Enco Free, Enco M31, Enco W31, and Enco W11.

But apparently some users have not used the Bluetooth OPPO headset optimally. Some even asked about how to connect the Bluetooth headset with a smartphone or other mobile device.

OPPO Enco W51 Wear

Among them, the OPPO Enco M31 and Enco Q1 have a neckband that can be worn around the user’s neck. On both OPPO Bluetooth headsets, there are still cables from the neckband to the earbuds.

You could say the OPPO Bluetooth headset with a neckband design has the advantage of not being easily lost when used for sports or outdoor activities because it is caged in the neck. While OPPO Enco W11, Enco Free, and W31 do not have any wires at all, so their use must be a little careful.

Before using for daily activities, make sure you always check the battery power condition of the OPPO Bluetooth headset. It is recommended that you fully charge or charge the battery of this device so that it can be used for extended use.

OPPO Enco W31 Feature

The OPPO Enco W11, Enco W31 and Enco Free are equipped with a built-in case that actually has a battery inside. In other words, the battery will be recharged when the three Bluetooth headsets are inserted into the case.

After the battery from the OPPO Bluetooth headset is fully charged, you can connect it to an Android-based smartphone or iOS device. For that, you can see the tutorial as follows.

How to Connect a Bluetooth OPPO Headset

  1. Make sure the battery of the OPPO Bluetooth headset is charged
  2. Press the button on the OPPO headset for 6 seconds
  3. The pairing process will then begin with a flashing light
  4. Activate Bluetooth on the smartphone
  5. Next, the connection notification dialog box will appear on the smartphone
  6. Then, choose Connect or Connect it
  7. After connecting, music, video, or game sounds on the smartphone will be heard on the OPPO Bluetooth headset

The smartphone will immediately stop the connection if the OPPO Enco W11, Enco W31, and Enco Free are no longer paired in the ear and inserted into the default case. Meanwhile, if all three earphones are opened from the default case, they will automatically be connected to the smartphone without the need to make the connection process again.

OPPO Enco W31 Features

Even on the three earphones, there are gesture features with fingers on the edges to facilitate users in running or stopping music, adjusting the volume, accepting or rejecting calls, activating voice assistants, activating modes, and others.

While the OPPO Bluetooth headset with a Neckband design, both the Enco M31 and Enco Q1, there are many buttons on the edges that make it easy to adjust the volume, reception or rejection of the phone, playing or stopping music, and others.

You could say this OPPO Bluetooth headset is very easy to use by cloud users though. Even the connection process between this device and the smartphone feels easy. Now, which Bluetooth OPPO headset do you use?