Steps to Upload Word Documents to Google Docs:

Step 1. First, you need to open your Google Docs. So, double click on the Google Chrome icon in your desktop or laptop. A New Tab of Google will open up.

Step 2. If you are not already logged in Google Chrome then first Log In with email id.

Step 3. Now left-click on the “Google apps” menu at the right-upper corner of the New Tab.

Step 4. A drop-down list of various Google apps will pop up.

Step 5. Now left-click on the “More” option.

Step 6. Another list of more Google Apps will be on display.

Step 7. There you will find the “Docs” option. Left-click on it.

Step 8. It will open your Google Docs’ template page. Here you choose your desired document styles or choose a Blank document also.

Step 9. Now left-click on the Big + sign if you want to Import a Word Document into Google Docs.

Step 10. Google Docs Blank Document page will show up with various types of options to deal with texts.

Step 11. Now left-click on “File” at the upper-left side of the document.

Step 12. Simply left-click on “Open” or press Ctrl+O on your keyboard to Share Word Documents to Google Docs.

Step 13. A dialogue box with the following options will pop up – My Drive, Share with Me, Starred, Recent and finally Upload.

Step 14. Now left-click on the “Upload” option.

Step 15. When you click on “Upload” menu another box inside it shows up. You can drag a file here. You can also select a file from your computer itself.

 First Method:

Step 16. Now if you want to Drag a file then select a Word Document file in the computer and drag it directly in the Google Docs by holding the left click.

Step 17. Your word document will start to load inside the Google Docs.

Step 18. Your word document will be fully uploaded with its existing document name.

Second Method:

Step 19 You can also select a word document from your computer. Left-click on the “Select a file from your computer”.

Step 20. A dialogue box containing various types of files will pop up. Select the word document you want to upload in Google Docs. Then click on “Open”.

Step 21. Your word document will be uploaded to Google Docs.