Uploading photo on Instagram now not only can be done via Feed but also Instagram Stories. And it’s even easier, with the Layout feature, which allows users to upload multiple photos at once.

But, speaking of uploading photos on Instagram Stories, did you know that it can also be done without using the Layout feature. Yes, how to use the Clipboard feature.

The advantage of uploading photos on Instagram stories with the Clipboard is that users can upload unlimited number of photos. Unlike the Layout which has a limit on the number depending on the available collage frames. In addition, users can also adjust the position of the photo without depending on the frame as in the Instagram layout.

Now, for more details about how to upload multiple photos at once on Instagram Stories, here are a few leaks from us.

  1. Open the menu to add “IG Story”, then select “Create”.
  2. Without closing the IG application (press the Home button), open the Gallery application on the smartphone then select the photo you want to upload. After that, do a screenshot on the photo.
  3. Crop the area that is not needed then save, the photo will automatically be saved in the gallery and also the clipboard.
  4. Go back to the Story IG menu (Menu recent apps).
  5. Press and hold on the “create” story window that you did in step No. 1. The “Paste” menu will appear, then click paste.
  6. Then the photo you want will appear in the story.
  7. To add another photo, use the same method from step no. 3 to step no. 7. You can also copy lots of photos into the clipboard by taking screenshots of the photos you want to post. Then when pasting on stories, just enter the clipboard menu as shown below.
  8. After uploading all the photos you want, just send the photos to Instagram Stories.

That’s the trick to upload lots of photos on Instagram Stories without being blocked by numbers. But please note, not all smartphones support the clipboard feature with image copy capabilities.

In our case, the smartphone used is the Samsung Galaxy A71, which does have a clipboard feature and is capable of copying images. If not, you can still do this by installing a third-party keyboard application that supports the clipboard feature with images.