Since macOS released the apps in full screen several versions ago, I have used this mode every day to work. And yet, I was unaware of the full-screen keyboard shortcut on Mac . It was something he needed, but not enough to find out. Until I found him by accident.

Method 1:

Step 1. Go to the top of screen you want to exit fullscreen from

Step 2. Press the green button on the top left corner


This is for enabling fullscreen too.

Method 2: Keyboard shortcut for full screen on Mac

Activating full screen on Mac can be accomplished in several ways. The most obvious one is using the green button that all app windows have on macOS. It is located at the top left along with two other buttons that make them look like a horizontal traffic light.

However, these buttons are not always visible. In fact, in macOS full screen mode they are hidden. This is why a full-screen keyboard shortcut on Mac comes handy. The correct combination is as follows:

  • Press the ^ + Cmd + F keys (Control, Command, and F keys).

Keyboard shortcut for full screen on Mac

With this keyboard shortcut, you will enter and exit full screen mode on your Mac in most apps. If there is an app that resists you, you can try System Preferences> Keyboard> Keyboard Shortcuts and add your own key combination in the section dedicated to third-party apps. The result is shown in the image above, which I have added as an example ^ ⌘F.