How to Turn Off Windows Firewall

How to Turn Off  Windows Firewall via the Control Panel.

Step 1. Open control panel by right click on “start” and select “control panel” from the list.

Step 2. Select “System & Security” tab in the control panel. Then select “Windows Firewall” in the new window.

Step 3. Now on the left-hand side panel, select “Turn Windows Firewall on or off”.

Step 4. Customize settings is opened in control panel, select “Turn off Windows firewall (not recommended)” in both public and private network settings.

Step 5. Then click “OK” at the bottom of the screen. Your windows firewall is turned off.

How to Disable Windows firewall via services.msc

Step 1. First, open run dialog box by pressing “Win + R” simultaneously.

Step 2. Now type in “services.msc” in the run search bar and press enter.

Step 3. Service dialog setting box is now opened. Scroll down to “Windows Firewall” and double click on it.

Step 4. A new dialog box “Windows Firewall Properties” is opened. Now, there are two option, you have. If you wish to turn off windows firewall till your window is open, then proceed to step 5

Step 5. skip step

Step 6. However, If you want to disable it permanently, then skip step 5 and proceed to step 6.

Step 7. In the window, you can see “Service status. Running”. Below it, you can see the stop button. Click on it to temporarily disable windows firewall.

Step 6. In the window, you can see “Startup type” and a drop-down list next to it. Click on it and select “Disabled”.

Note. Your Windows Firewall is disabled permanently and can only be enabled by click “Automatic” in the same dropdown list.
Step 7. Click on apply and then OK. To finish turning off Windows Firewall.