How to Turn Off Sticky Keys Windows 10

Follow the below-given steps to turn off sticky keys win 10.

Step 1. From your keyboard Press and hold the Windows logo + I key to open the Settings panel.

Step 2. Scroll down to locate the Ease of Access option from there settings panel and tap on it. As shown in the below image:

Step 3. On the further page, scroll down to find the Keyboard tab available on the left side panel and click on it. As shown in the below image:

Step 4. From the Keyboard section, go to “Use Sticky Keys” option. You will view that the toggle button is switched to “On” in it. Check the below image:

Step 5. To log off sticky keys win 10 you just tap on that toggle button.

Step 6. You will notice that now the “On” button will switch to “Off” now which means that you have successfully turned off the Sticky Keys on your Windows 10 system. Check in the below image: