How To Turn Off Mouse Acceleration In Windows 10

Step 1. Check the version of Windows 10 you have. Right-click on your desktop and select properties. As highlighted in the red box.

Step 2. The following window will open showing the details. (Windows version is highlighted in red)

Step 3. Go to the search tab on your desktop and type control panel. The control panel option appears as shown below.

Step 4. Click on mouse option as highlighted in the red rectangle. (For other versions of Window 10 you may find the mouse option under Hardware and Sound ->Devices and Printers -> Mouse)

Step 5. The following pop-up opens up

Step 6. Click on Pointer Options as highlighted in the image below.

Step 7. Uncheck the Enhance pointer precision option.

Step 8. Click on Apply.

Step 9. Click on OK.