How to Turn Off Airplane Mode on Windows 10

Method 1

Step 1. Take your cursor on the right bottom of the screen and click on the “Wifi” Icon as shown in the red highlighted box

Step 2. Next, click on “Airplane Mode” if you see the blue colour in the Airplane icon that means it’s on. Once you click on it and turn off the Airplane mode blue colour will disappear

Step 3. Once you turn off the Airplane mode the wifi icon will get turned on and is now highlighted in blue

Method 2

Step 1. Click on start “Windows” icon as highlighted in the red box in below image

Step 2. Type Airplane mode in the search bar which is on the left bottom of the screen as highlighted in the red box

Step 3. Click on “Airplane mode”

Step 4. Click on the turn off icon under the Airplane mode

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