How to Test Skype Video

Step 1. To test your Skype video, on the computer system, make sure that the webcam is properly connected. Launch Skype by double-clicking on the icon and then log in to your account.

Step 2. Click on the three dots (the option “More”) adjacent to your user name to go to Skype settings.

Step 3. Choose “Settings” in the menu bar that opens after clicking on “More”.

Step 4. In Settings, click on “Audio and Video”. On clicking it, the pane on the right side will start showing you your image in front of the camera. You can be sure that it is working if it shows a live video of yourself. According to your privacy and webcam settings, you can also take a photo snapshot of yourself.
(The sample image from the camera, below, has been blurred for security reasons)

Step 5. You can also make a “free test call” by clicking on the bottom of the same pane.