Scrolling photos and videos on Instagram indeed exciting. Not infrequently, we are made to forget the time until finally running out of quota. Maybe this is what is called Instagram addiction. So, can this be stopped? How to? Yes, one of them is to temporarily disable Instagram.

This step is done to limit you spending a lot of time on Instagram. When you realize your Instagram account is not active, you won’t be tempted to keep checking the app.

The advantage of this method is, you can reactivate your account at any time. When the account position is deactivated, other users will not be able to see the feed or find your Instagram account, as if the account has been deleted.

Although as if it has been deleted, this way you can re-activate the Instagram account whenever you want. Simply put, the following way seems to make your account hidden from the reach of other Instagram users.

Here’s how to temporarily disable an Instagram account. Check it out!

  1. Login to the page Instagram from a mobile or computer browser. Deactivating an Instagram account cannot be done from the smartphone application.
  2. Enter page Profile
  3. Then click Edit Profile.
  4. After entering the edit profile section, scroll to the bottom until you find “Temporarily disable my account” Click the option.
  5. Then you are required to give reasons why to deactivate the account. There will be several answer choices available.
  6. After filling in the answers, don’t forget to enter your Instagram account password. Then click Temporary Disable Account.

By deactivating your Instagram account, not only your profile will be hidden, but also the photos, comments and likes that you provide. Of course, all can be returned to normal after you reactivate the account.

That’s how to deactivate Instagram for a while. Hopefully, these tips can help those of you who want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of Instagram social media. Good luck and good luck!

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